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Thank you for your interest in our Neurodynamic Breathwork session!

Join Terese Countryman, certified Neurodynamic Breathwork facilitator on a journey within yourself! By using this specific method of both active and passive breathing, paired with a unique evocative music set, you will gain access to the inner-most aspects of your subconscious and able to reach a “heightened state of awareness”. Surrendering to one’s own inner guiding and healing intelligence creates a lasting pathway towards personal growth, transformation, increased coping mechanisms and potential mending of what may lie beneath your surface.

You will be appropriately supported in this intimate space to safely release what no longer serves you, gain insight and clarity, or simply de-stress free from judgment. We are all here for the same thing~ self-empowerment! There will also be adequate guidance and assistance for any integration that may be needed following the workshop.



1:45-2:00 ~ Check-in

2:15 ~ opening circle and detailed introduction to our breathwork principles, breathing instructions & demonstration

3:15 ~ Guided meditation followed by 60-minute breathing session           

4:30-5:00 ~ Closing sharing circle and discussion of integration practices

Save your spot simply by completing the form below and paying the $35.00 registration fee. 

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