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NeuroDynamic Breathworks can change your life

Neurodynamic Breathwork is an incredibly helpful tool in self-empowerment and for accessing the innermost aspects of our psyche and subconscious, which is where our emotional trauma is stored before often becoming physical dis-ease in the body. Through physiological changes that occur, such as an increase in blood alkalinity levels, stimulation of the pineal gland, shutting down the ‘Default Mode Network’ (ego), and activating the limbic system (memory & emotional center), healing is enhanced through this profound breathing technique paired with compelling evocative music. This holistic modality is a powerful way to reach a natural ‘heightened states of awareness’, which is where greater enlightenment of the psyche is reached; and is beneficial in its biological way of allowing the emotional body to come forth and not be suppressed, as the ego mind is forced to step aside, hence encouraging the inner healing intelligence to step up and allow for the most profound of revelations to come to the surface in a natural and safe way.

In a session with me as a trained facilitator, the breather will be held in a secure environment that is conducive for allowing what may come forth to be released, healed or at minimum, acknowledged. You will have the opportunity to allow this process to unfold naturally and safely, being assured that you are supported in your vulnerable state of being for any possible deep releases. This is an amazing way for your inner guiding system to reveal anything that you may be ready to let go of, heal, or even just be aware of. Participants ultimately get whatever they need and are ready to handle at the time and are usually left with a euphoric feeling and that of being more centered and grounded. In addition, with consistency and the proper integration of these sessions, the brain’s neuropathways can be changed and strengthened to help develop better coping abilities, a deeper sense of your true higher ‘self’ and one’s own inner healing abilities, as well as dispel negative belief systems, behaviors, and habits. This is a tool used to create positive inner growth, strive towards optimal wellness, as well as establish the ability to expand ourselves in daily life from the inside out.